Israeli air force simulators enter a new era

The Israeli air force has made a major change to its training concept, based on the capabilities of its new mission training centre.

The centre, at Hazor air base, was officially inaugurated last December.

The advanced training facility is operated under a private finance initiative model with Elbit systems, the company that built it. Elbit is also  responsible for providing instruction, operations and maintenance services.

Its establishment marks a significant breakthrough in the operational training sector, enabling the air force to train its pilots  in different operational scenarios and theatres, with the relevant threat environment for each.

It also allows for co-ordinated mission training between pilots within the Israeli air force and at an interoperable strategic level and is based on Elbit’s “one sim” infrastructure, which incorporates an advanced arena generator that injects simulated inputs into a realistic virtual environment, as well as infrastructure to support the environment used. The image generator was jointly developed with Barco.

Israeli crews are now being trained in formations of two, four or even eight aircraft, under the supervision of flight instructors, who take an active part in each training session by controlling adversary forces, if required.

The system also enables pilots to train together with operational controllers from various air force control units, by planning missions together using orders issued by the team at the centre.

And now the revolution has started . The Israeli air force is transferring a big part of the training from the air to the ground. The experience shows that the advanced simulation facility that will soon be connected to others at different bases, allows combat pilots to prepare with less time in the air.

This has had a big financial impact and, according to the air force, the results are excellent.

If the air force comes to the conclusion that it can prepare its pilots for combat with the help of many simulated missions, simulators will have proven beyond doubt that they are now on a totally different level.

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