Avoiding communications chaos

The requirement for achieving the necessary communication capabilities between combat aircraft and ground forces is the perfect recipe for total chaos.

The military wants voice, data, images and more transmitted in real time and at excellent quality. The pilots and ground forces will not settle for less.

To avoid communications chaos, there is a need for a system built from many “pipes” that are wide enough and don’t tangle. This is easy to say, but according to Israeli manufacturer Rafael that is exactly what its BNET software defined radio (SDR) offers.

BNET is to become the main communication system of the Israeli air force’s existing and future platforms. The system replaces existing radio technology installed on the service’s aircraft, and according to the Israeli company it offers a  wide communications channel for data, at half the size and weight.

According to Rafael the SDR optimises spectrum utilisation, while the use of advanced waveforms delivers high-speed networking, supporting live video, image transfer, voice and data.

A Rafael source says BNET has been selected by the air forces of Brazil and Colombia, and is now competing in other countries. The biggest competition is in India.

The source adds that BNET allows the aircraft to maintain a fully networked communication system between airborne platforms and ground and naval forces. “This a seamless system that allows the transfer of data, including video images, [at] unprecedented rates,” the source says.

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