Terrain dominance – the operational requirement is answered

At first this was considered another trendy military buzzword. But “terrain dominance” describes an operational requirement in all types of warfare fought today.

In simple words:  you constantly need to know exactly what is going on in the terrain or area that poses the biggest threat.

Many companies in the world have understood this requirement and have developed systems to help achieve this dominance.

One of them is Rafael. It  introduced a special, very capable sensor some years ago that was not immediately associated with  the buzzword – but now, when the need is obvious, it is upgrading this sensor.

The growing demand caused Rafael to upgrade its Reccelite real-time intelligence and reconnaissance system. The system is used by at least eight international clients and the upgrade is based on the fourth generation of the system.

The Reccelite is a self-contained, self-cooled, multi-sensor tactical reconnaissance system. It simultaneously collects infrared (IR), visual (VIS) and near-IR digital images of large areas. The images and  data are recorded onto a solid-state recorder and transmitted to the ground exploitation station via the Reccelite data link.

The Reccelite pod is a derivative of Rafael’s Litening navigation and targeting pod, which is  used by the Israeli airforce and some foreign airforces around the the world.

The new gimbaled version can be controlled from the ground to focus on “areas of interest”. In the event of a data link failure, the system will send images to the ground station immediately after the connection is re-established.

According to Rafael, Reccelite is a modular system that can be upgraded easily to answer the operational needs of each client.


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