Iron Dome – a game changer in action

In recent days I’ve learned how to distinguish between the sounds.

Luckily, 90% of the time the sound was that of a successful intercept of an incoming rocket over central Israel. That sound is heard by Israelis in many other parts of the country being targeted by the Hamas terror organisation.

Since the beginning of the current operation, a few dozen rockets are being launched into Israel each day.

While the Israeli air force (IAF) keeps hitting the thousands of hidden launchers in the Gaza Strip, Iron Dome has proven itself a game changer. The system allows the Israeli government to manage the war against Hamas in a relatively cool way.

Iron Dome was developed by Rafael and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) in a record time of less than three years. The system was first considered when rockets fell on southern Israel in previous rounds of fighting.

It is now – by any standard – the most advanced rocket interceptor in the world.

The system’s radar scans the skies, and when it detects a rocket the software determines its trajectory. If it is one that threatens populated areas an interceptor is launched.

There are currently seven Iron Dome batteries in operation, including one that was deployed hours after it was hastily brought from the assembly line.

While Iron Dome cannot guarantee 100% protection, in recent days the numbers take the score to 90%, which is very impressive.

As I write this entry, the system is being upgraded based on the concentrated experience accumulated in recent days.

And just before I hit ‘publish’, another three intercepts were achieved.

I heard the explosions.

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