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Small movements of a giant – Israel’s high sensitivity

When giants make small movements they can send shockwaves that will be detected at very long distances. China is one such giant, and it has recently made small movements that are still being investigated. One thing is already clear – the international arms market is going to change, or rather be transformed. In Israel all […]

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Taking the fighter’s cockpit steps ahead

Upgrades of combat aircraft have come a long way. It began with strengthening the fuselage, then went through adding systems.The next stage is turning the cockpit into something that will give the pilot the tools to operate all the systems that have been put on the airframe in earlier upgrades.This stage in the evolution of […]

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The threat, the solution, the market

The threat evolves and so does the system that is designed to foil it.   It is obvious that not many airliners will be equipped in the foreseeable future with countermeasures against shoulder-launched missiles.   The state of the international aviation industry does not provide the atmosphere in which you can expect airlines to stay […]

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Israeli UAS – the facts and the fiction

Unmanned air systems (UAS) are the subject of many stories, most of which cannot be verified. This is especially true in the Middle East, where Israeli-made UAS are operated every day in many types of combat scenario.For years, the Palestinians in Gaza have been claiming the Israeli airforce’s (IAF) UAS have been attacking members of […]

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Amos 6 – just in time for the Israeli space industry

On my blog I have mentioned more than once that the Israeli space industry needs “miracles” to survive, because the state does very little to preserve and upgrade it.Such a “miracle” came to pass this week, when Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) was selected to build Amos 6 – Israel’s new communication satellite.Amos 6 is expected […]

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Israeli-made UAS in the Swiss skies

It seems that Israeli unmanned air systems (UAS) will keep their monopoly in the Swiss skies.The Swiss armed forces have been operating the Ranger UAS – built by RUAG, based on the design of the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Scout UAS. The Ranger entered service in the 1980s, and now the Swiss want an advanced […]

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Autonomous combat machines – the questions

The rapid increase in the number of autonomous combat systems in the air, at sea and on the ground creates a problem. This problem is huge when humans are involved – but it is even larger in scale when fully autonomous combat systems are involved.Different experts use different definitions, but in essence the problem is […]

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The Israeli air force’s ‘new dimensions’

Depth Command, Near Space – the Israeli air force (IAF) is beginning to think differently.   The operational problem is simple to define, but not to solve. Israel is threatened by countries on its borders such as Syria and Lebanon, and also by countries that are far away, such as Iran.   This calls for […]

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ELINT is not enough

Electronic or human intelligence? This question is currently being asked every day in Israeli intelligence organisations.   Is the huge investment in mostly aerial sensors justified? Are these tools really supplying the data that is needed?   In the past two or three years, the intelligence organisations in the Middle East and in the USA […]

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Skunk Works, Butterflies and more

In the past, “Skunk Works” was connected to the design of secret, very advanced fighter aircraft by Lockheed Martin. The SR-71, F-22 and others were designed in these secret laboratories before they reached the open assembly lines. These days “Skunk Works” – at least in Israel – is mostly connected to new generations of unmanned […]

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