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From Merkavas to business jets

Ashot Ashkelon, a subsidiary of Israel Military Industries, is trying to get involved in the design of a new business jet. The company is mainly known for its part in manufacturing heavy mechanical subsystems for Israel’s Merkava main battle tank, and now plans to transfer more of its capabilities to the aerospace market.The company – […]

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GPS? Yes, but with backup

GPS is a very handy tool that is now a part of all smartphones. It is also used to navigate aircraft, unmanned air systems (UAS) and weapon systems. But this handy tool can be disrupted with a small system that can be purchased for as little as $100.Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), a leading UAS manufacturer, […]

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Balloons and hovering platforms – cost-effective solutions

Hovering platforms and balloons. One platform is new and very advanced, the other is making a comeback. Both serve to put an “eye in the sky” for long endurances and with little operational costs.   The demand created the innovation and the comeback, and customers are very satisfied with the variety.   Last week, Israel […]

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Turning night into day – technology takes a quantum leap

The most common use of unmanned air systems (UAS) is observation. To look far, day and night, and see the details that are needed to “incriminate” a target so that a weapons system can be directed towards it.   The Israeli payload manufacturers are not allowed to boast about all their achievements, but from time […]

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The airport effect – the contributing factors

Airports tend to make some people stressed. Some feel annoyed with the security checks, others are simply afraid to fly.   Therefore incidents in airports are not a rare thing. And there are of course “contributing” factors.   Earlier this week, we learned about some of the factors that contribute to the tense atmosphere some […]

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Detect, identify and kill – full autonomy to UAS – the trend is clear

They get more autonomy, they get more endurance, they will get artificial intelligence.   The unmanned air systems (UAS) made by Israeli companies will become more independent to achieve one main goal – to dramatically shorten the sensor-to-shooter time.   These operational capabilities  are connected directly to the new buzzword of armed forces – Terrain […]

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Agreement with the EU is a fact – how will El Al adjust?

The result was expected but the process was faster than I forecast.   In spite of opposition from the Israeli airlines, especially El Al, at the end of last week the Israeli government and the EU finalised negotiations on a comprehensive aviation agreement.   This will gradually open up and integrate the respective markets.   […]

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El Al, the moment of truth is closing in

The moment of truth is approaching the headquarters of El Al at Ben-Gurion international airport, at the speed of a 747.   When on Wednesday the Israeli airline announced that it lost $49.4 million in 2011, no-one in the industry was surprised.   The loss is very painful for an airline that in 2010 reported […]

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AUVSI conference: payloads – not just platforms – attract attention

Israeli-made unmanned air systems (UAS) are going in two main but opposite paths – some are getting smaller and some larger.These differently sized platforms need adequate payloads, and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is working hard to supply them. Some are still under the veil of secrecy, but others are being exposed. The latter happened yesterday, […]

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Protecting offshore natural resources – local and international business

The Israeli aerospace and defence industries have identified a growing market – protecting a country’s offshore gas and oil fields.Elbit Systems has established special facilities for the development of systems to defend such natural resources from terror attacks.Flight visited the laboratory built at the company’s Haifa base.The lab is equipped with computers and large screens […]

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