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Payload manufacturers want to ride the UAS tide

This is a trend shared by all Israeli aerospace and defence industries… Take a full-size payload, originally developed for a full-size aircraft, and make it suitable for installation in or on the smaller fuselage of unmanned air systems.The appetite of UAS users has become enormous. “We like the unmanned system but please put as many […]

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ATOL for unmanned air systems – the evolution

Evolution. When the flight engineer was kicked out of airliner cockpits, some saw it as a dangerous move. But then came the two-engine long haulers, and the reaction was similar. Now evolution is being seen in the unmanned air systems (UAS) world. The external pilot, the guy who controlled takeoff and landing, is no longer […]

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Israeli-made UAS a “gap filler” for Russia

Russia’s big appetite for unmanned air systems (UAS) continues. The nation now plans to buy and assemble Israeli-made UAS and use them as a “gap filler” until they are capable of developing their own.This may seem strange, but Russia – as a superpower – has totally neglected UAS capabilities. During the war with Georgia in […]

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The ‘Boeing fee’ – another effort to solve the dispute

Behind the scenes the fight is continuing. It will have to end either in a knockout or a compromise. There is no way to tell what the outcome will be. In a nutshell, Boeing is charging a fee for every aircraft that is converted by the Bedek division of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) from passenger […]

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Middle East skies – the tension is in the air

The skies in the Middle East are changing, in parallel with the dramatic developments in some countries in the region. Changes in Egypt, Syria and Libya, and the fragile stability in Lebanon, have completely changed the situation in the airspaces that neighbour Israel. This has been amplified by the high tension between Israel and Turkey, […]

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Multipurpose aircraft – an aerial tanker but not only

What do you do when you need something but cannot afford it? This is the dilemma that many air forces face when it comes to aerial refuelling aircraft. The basic price and low utilisation make the acquisition of a dedicated aircraft unattractive. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has been trying to come up with a solution […]

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Weapons for UAS – adaptation out, development in

Previously there were only indications, subtle ones. Now it is said openly – Rafael, one of Israel’s leading manufacturers of weapons systems, has decided to develop a new line of products fully suited for use on unmanned air systems (UAS). In the past, a very recent past, Rafael has said that it “adapts” some existing […]

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Fuel contamination the ‘soft belly’ of airports

Technical flaw, human error or terror act? Each of these possible causes of jet fuel contamination should turn on a big red warning light in the offices of security chiefs in airports around the world. That is the recommendation of Israeli aviation security experts who investigated fuel contamination that affected the operation of Ben-Gurion international […]

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Seeing the outside world when you can’t see it

Is the way helicopter pilots operate in poor visibility about to change? Tests that are planned in the coming months will determine whether this will happen. A very advanced uncooled IR sensor developed by Elbit Systems for its passive flight system will be test flown before the end of the year. The passive flight system is […]

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‘Simply because there is no alternative’

If there was scepticism about the initiative, it disappeared. The need simply eliminated it. The USA needs it, other fighting armies need it. Active protection on low-flying aircraft is an urgent operational requirement. When Flight exposed a few months ago that Rafael plans to adapt its Trophy active protection system for use on helicopters and […]

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