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A high-flying ‘Peeping Tom’

When neighbours become angry, frustrated, impatient or even violent, you tend to look over the fence to be ready for any possible outburst. This is exactly what happens now in the Middle East, and that forces Israel to have the capability to see what is going on in its neighbours’ yards, and sometimes in their […]

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Unmanned platforms with exotic sensors

The combination is a winning one. You take an unmanned air platform and put on it a sensor, a very advanced one. The result – a tool for the battle arena that can save many lives. This effort has already produced some very interesting combinations, but Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has only unveiled one so […]

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Israeli ‘Air Force One’ on hold

Israel’s prime minister and president will have to continue travelling on state missions using a “regular” passenger aircraft belonging to one of the Israeli airlines. These chartered flights were about to become history, if a plan to purchase a dedicated VIP aircraft for these official flights had been implemented. The big demonstrations in Israel in […]

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To handle a threat with “MUSIC”

A “hot” piece of intelligence may finally be the trigger that will lead to the installation of countermeasures on Israeli passenger aircraft.The first decision to install countermeasures was made in 2002, but disagreements between ministries slowed the process to a halt.Earlier this week, however, a threat alert generated a number of “precautions” – and a […]

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Hovering air vehicles in, aerostats out

      A change of generations? A leap forward in technology? The definitions can be different, but one thing is sure – hovering platforms are taking over the missions of aerostats.   Hovering air vehicles (HAV) are becoming more efficient and there is a very clear operational trend to use them instead of good […]

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VTOL UAS – Precision tools of special forces

The latest trend in unmanned air systems (UAS) for special forces is lightweight craft with vertical take-off and landing capabilities.Whatever their mission, special forces want an independent, covert capability to see over hills and inside buildings.Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has been developing a few such systems in recent years. Only two of the new breed […]

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Israeli air force trainer slection – “A list of factors”

A request for proposals for the selection of an advanced trainer for the Israeli air force (IAF) will be issued soon. It is expected the final selection will be made early next year.The two competing aircraft – the Korea Aerospace Industries T-50 and the Aermacchi M-346 – have been extensively evaluated by the IAF.Sources say […]

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Israeli airspace – small with big problems

The cynics say that the Israeli air force has a country and not vice versa. This is of course a wild exaggeration – but it is a symptom of a real, disturbing problem that is of concern to all the parties involved in Israeli aviationIsrael is a small country with a huge air force. The […]

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Unmanned systems at the front of homeland security

The homeland security conference in Israel on September 11 has attracted a lot of attention – not only because it is on a very meaningful date. The attention is not only because of Israel’s need for homeland security, but also for the solutions that have been developed. The conference, organised by the Israeli Technologies Group, […]

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“Safe City” – a safe haven for mini UAS’

“Safe City”. This new buzz word puts smiles on the faces of small unmanned air system (UAS) manufacturers. While homeland security is still part of the big league, projects dealing with the security and safety of people in their home towns seem to be accessible to almost any UAS manufacturer.In Israel, a world power in […]

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