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Extra fuel on weapon stations

An Israeli company has developed a concept that it claims will allow fighter aircraft to carry additional fuel tanks on their weapon stations.The FAR Technologies concept is based on utilizing military aircraft weapon stations (on the F-16: stations 3 and 7), and adapting them to carry fuel tanks.Through this the aircraft’s mission envelope is extended, […]

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Hermes-900 UAS payload variety is the key

I’m not sure the image released by Elbit Systems shows the payload configuration of the Israeli air force’s (IAF) Hermes-900 unmanned air system (UAS), but it may be an indication of an advanced payload design of an unknown customer.The Hermes-900 was selected by the IAF in spite of the fact that it already operates the […]

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Israeli ground forces want more dedicated UASs

The ground units of the Israeli defence forces (IDF) are expanding the use of unmanned air systems (UAS) for their operations. They are being equipped with battalion- and brigade-level UASs for over-the-hill or over-the-mountain intelligence. But recently the IDF’s artillery corps revealed that it uses bigger UASs, the Elbit System Hermes 450, for its operations. […]

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The dilemma is clear – the solution will stay ‘in the air’

The outcome is almost certain – Israel will purchase more F-35s in addition to the 20 that are included in the contract signed last year.The purchase of the additional stealth fighters is a main issue in the deliberations that take place in recent weeks in the general staff of the Israeli defence forces.The outcome does […]

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Arrow-3: a totally different layer of protection

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has begun preliminary tests of its new Arrow-3 anti-ballistic missile system.   The company will not specify what tests were performed, but they are part of the preparations for a full fly-out test, which will be followed – probably next year – by an intercept test.   The name Arrow-3 is […]

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The Israel space industry – how to keep it alive ?

The Israeli space industry is trying, so far with not much success, to explain to the government that without special funding the sector’s infrastructure is in jeopardy. Israel has become a member of the “space club” mainly because it needed capabilities in space that could not be bought outside its boundaries. Even the US, Israel’s […]

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Power by the hour – is this the super solution ?

Power by the hour. Is this the solution for air forces with big operational demands and small budgets? If you ask Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), in some cases it is. The question is now where is the line? Is there a line that cannot be crossed? The idea was born in “the field”, when some […]

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Future procurement – where to put the money?

Israeli defence forces are trying to define the contents of the new five-year procurement plan and the Israeli air force (IAF) will no doubt get the larger slice of the cake many want a piece of.One of the issues the generals face is an IAF request for another 20 Lockheed Martin F-3s.The dilemma is not […]

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The line becomes blurred for mini-UAS in Israeli defence forces

The line between operators of mini-unmanned air systems (UAS) in the Israeli defence forces (IDF) has become blurred as the air force has decided to increase the “in-house” use of UAS.Until recently, the line was clear. Ground forces operate the mini-UAS and the Israeli air force (IAF) the larger, tactical and strategic versions.In 2009, Elbit’s […]

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It makes sense to adapt Barak-8 for airborne launch

There is no official answer to the question, but will Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI) Barak-8 air defence missile be adapted for launch from airborne platforms?While IAI sources confirm it is possible, they are not indicating whether such a move is planned.At this stage, IAI is still completing development of the missile. According to press reports […]

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