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Hit the fire on its head

Firefighting aircraft will be more capable of performing accurate “water bombing” with the help of very advanced Israeli developed electro optical payloads. It’s nice to know that this advanced and ripe technology can be used for such a purpose in addition to its other uses, mainly as a locator of targets for sophisticated weapon systems. […]

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Humans in a growing robotic combat scenario

 This is evolution at its best. Human interface engineers are working hard these days to better integrate the variety of unmanned air systems into the arsenal of the Israeli air force (IAF). For many years they have been busy making the work of pilots more comfortable. But this has been changing . The working conditions of […]

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Israeli unmanned joint warfare – a vision becomes reality

    As the Israeli military sees it, many missions in the very near future will be performed by joint forces of “robots” in the air, on the ground and at sea. Following the development trends of the Israeli unmanned combat systems leaves no doubt. The battlefield, and before that routine security operations, will be put […]

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Israeli GA: an urgent change of attitude is needed

The Israeli civil aviation authority (CAA) has declared more than once that its efforts are mainly focused at rearranging the issues that concern commercial aviation: namely the airlines. This in an effort to gain back the category 1 safety status taken from Israel almost three years ago. Last week, another general aviation accident claimed lives. […]

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Unmanned air systems: the inevitable slow process

Visiting Israeli manufacturers of unmanned air systems (UAS) leaves no doubt that one of their main efforts is to comply with the standards that are being built gradually, to allow the full integration of their products into a civil airspace already crowded with manned aircraft. This is not a simple task as the regulators themselves […]

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European air terminals – the backyard

Scientists sometimes go to places that usually are not explored. In some cases this results in surprising findings. That is exactly what happened when they went to see what goes on in the back yard of European airports. A study of European air terminals, conducted by the EU-funded Bemosa project, indicates a definite need to improve security […]

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Survival of the small – Israeli companies team

The only chance small Israeli defence manufacturers have to survive is to join forces domestically and overseas. Here is a recent and very good example. Innocon is a small unmanned air systems (UAS) manufacturer trying to penetrate the international market where three major Israeli UAS manufacturers are also competing with companies from the USA and Europe. […]

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An Israeli “hub” in Jordan

The geopolitical circumstances in the Middle East are creating very interesting if not strange situations. One of these is the fact that Jordan’s capital Amman has become Israel’s hub to the Far East. EL AL, the Israeli airline, flies to some Far East destinations, using a safe route over the Red Sea. Because of the direct […]

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Splendid isolation in Israeli aviation

Going against the world trend is not possible even in the holy land. While in the real world, airlines merge and unite resources to be more efficient, in Israel three airlines are working hard to survive, each in splendid isolation. EL AL, Arkia and Israir are operating together a fleet of aircraft that normally serves one very […]

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Manned and unmanned over Israel

It’s a very complicated job and the steps are very small and cautious. The new unmanned air systems (UAS) division of the Israel civil aviation authority (CAA) is beginning to understand how complicated it is to let manned and unmanned platforms to fly in small airspace like the Israeli one. The division has been recently […]

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