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EL AL losses and the built-in problems

It is very convenient for EL AL, the Israeli airline, to blame high fuel prices for its losses in the second quarter, but this is only one reason – the others are “built in”. The strange thing is that no real effort is being made to change the situation. El AL reported a loss of […]

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Close air support or close ground support ?

This pill will not be easy for the Israeli air force (IAF) to swallow. The debate in the Israeli defence forces ‫)‬IDF) general staff is very fierce, but for the first time there is a chance to settle the debate of how to define close air support.The role of the IAF in suppressing rocket and shell […]

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Cyber warfare or smart bombs – is there a dilemma ?

Maj. General (ret) David Ivry has performed many national tasks in Israel over the years, among them commander of the Israeli air force.Ivry said a few days ago that “if a worm can do the job better, use it before you switch to military power”. This very experienced and well-connected figure, who was also director […]

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The built-in impotency of coalition air power – Israeli angle

The coalition air force operating in Libya is a joke. This is not because it lacks the equipment, but because there is no coherent line of command. Israel is watching very closely, and some conclusions have already been made.The use of coalition forces has gained popularity in the last ten years. When wars do not […]

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New international airport – at last a move forward

It has a name, but work is yet to begin. The new international airport near the Israeli resort of Eilat, on the Red Sea, will be named after Ilan Ramon – the Israeli astronaut who died in the Columbia space shuttle disaster in 2003 – and his son Asaf, an Israeli air force F-16 pilot […]

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Chinook downing may accelerate adoption of new measures

The shooting down of a US Chinook helicopter last Saturday in Afghanistan that killed 38 soldiers – 30 Americans and eight Afghans - will accelerate the efforts to equip helicopters with active systems that can protect them from rockets. This is the assessment of sources in Israel. As reported in Flight, Rafael plans to adapt its […]

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Extra fuel on weapon stations

An Israeli company has developed a concept that it claims will allow fighter aircraft to carry additional fuel tanks on their weapon stations.The FAR Technologies concept is based on utilizing military aircraft weapon stations (on the F-16: stations 3 and 7), and adapting them to carry fuel tanks.Through this the aircraft’s mission envelope is extended, […]

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Hermes-900 UAS payload variety is the key

I’m not sure the image released by Elbit Systems shows the payload configuration of the Israeli air force’s (IAF) Hermes-900 unmanned air system (UAS), but it may be an indication of an advanced payload design of an unknown customer.The Hermes-900 was selected by the IAF in spite of the fact that it already operates the […]

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Israeli ground forces want more dedicated UASs

The ground units of the Israeli defence forces (IDF) are expanding the use of unmanned air systems (UAS) for their operations. They are being equipped with battalion- and brigade-level UASs for over-the-hill or over-the-mountain intelligence. But recently the IDF’s artillery corps revealed that it uses bigger UASs, the Elbit System Hermes 450, for its operations. […]

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The dilemma is clear – the solution will stay ‘in the air’

The outcome is almost certain – Israel will purchase more F-35s in addition to the 20 that are included in the contract signed last year.The purchase of the additional stealth fighters is a main issue in the deliberations that take place in recent weeks in the general staff of the Israeli defence forces.The outcome does […]

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