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Stealth era having impact on Israeli industry

The introduction of the Lockheed Martin F-35 into the Israeli air force (IAF) in 2016 or 2017 symbolises a new era with many side effects.   The advanced fighter has created a full wave of changes long before it is delivered to the IAF.   As I reported here, Israeli companies are developing weapon systems […]

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A Palestinian airport – not in the near future

The peace ‬talks‪ between Israel and ‬the ‪Palestin‬ian authorities face‪ many hurdles that put a huge question mark ‬over‪ ‬this‪ chance to end the bloody conflict.‬ ‪ There are many issues on the table‬ -‪ one ‬being‪ ‬Palestine’s‪ demand to allow‬ the‪ operat‬ion of‪ an international airport from the ‬W‪est ‬B‪ank.‬ ‪ Before ‬the ‪Palestinian […]

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Small town folk gunning for UAS is far from only threat

The growing number of all types of unmanned air systems (UAS) operated around the world has made them a target for any type of weapon that can hit them at altitude.   The danger is not posed by the citizens of the small Colorado town of Deer Trail, which is seeking to pass a local […]

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US/Israel unmanned air systems “dogfight” over Europe

‏The Israeli unmanned air system (UAS) industry has come to understand that the European market has limited potential. Until last year France and Germany were considered good potential customers for Israeli systems – namely the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Heron-TP.‬ ‏ The Heron-TP is a MALE+ UAS powered by a PWC PT-6 turboprop. It has […]

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