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Aerostats are still in demand

Aerostats, as platforms for sensors, have been called obsolete many times in the past. But it seems that practicalities are outweighing any attempt to retire the system because the need is still strong. And the need is strong, according to Israeli companies. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Aeronautics are reporting booming business. Aeronautics is competing […]

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Will the Dominator dominate?

The issue has been creating two separate, opposing groups since it was first mooted. Is it wise to convert a manned aircraft to fly autonomously? Can a manned aircraft become an efficient unmanned air system (UAS)? Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has invested some effort in converting a helicopter to fly without a human in the […]

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Israeli UAS industry at crucial junction

Technology is not enough to survive. Israeli unmanned air systems (UAS) manufacturers are at a critical junction.While they have technology that results in very advanced capabilities, most of them may lack the necessary mass to be able to continue and compete in the world market.While the consolidation of aerospace and defence industries was stopped at […]

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Alliances and partnerships in the UAS business

The growing competition in unmanned air systems (UAS) has resulted in more alliances between manufacturers, and between them and strategic partners.   What happened in the airline business, which is currently dominated by big alliances, happens now on a smaller scale in the UAS market.   We can see an example of this trend in […]

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ATOL – the effort continues as the demands grow

Automatic take-off and landing (ATOL) will be standard on any future unmanned aerial system (UAS), but currently manufacturers are struggling to adapt it to all the types they are developing.It’s a tricky feature, and it must work accurately in most conditions – but this is not so simple.Israeli UAS manufacturers have installed ATOL on some […]

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Manned to unmanned conversion – just a gap filler?

Israeli unmanned air systems (UAS) manufacturers are evaluating the use of manned aircraft for UAS missions following the success of Aeronautics’ unmanned air vehicle Dominator 2.However, is this a new trend in the market or merely a provisional gap filler?Major Israeli UAS manufacturers have said the reason they have not followed Aeronautics’ path is because […]

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