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Turnkey projects unlock opportunities for Israeli UAS manufacturers

The increasing competition in the unmanned air systems market is forcing Israeli manufacturers to offer potential clients “turnkey” projects that include a lot more than the aerial platforms. Competition in the sector is growing particularly stiff  in the mini and medium-sized categories as new manufacturers have entered the market and have in many cases lowered […]

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Aerostats vs hovering platforms – the war is on

Will advanced hovering tethered platforms make tactical aerostats obsolete? This question does not have a definite answer yet, but more and more experts are asking it. Israeli industries have identified the need for advanced hovering systems and are putting great effort into developed new examples. With some types already available “off the shelf”, marketing is in […]

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Aerostats are still in demand

Aerostats, as platforms for sensors, have been called obsolete many times in the past. But it seems that practicalities are outweighing any attempt to retire the system because the need is still strong. And the need is strong, according to Israeli companies. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Aeronautics are reporting booming business. Aeronautics is competing […]

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