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Boeing, Airbus vie to supply replacements for El Al’s Boeing 767s

Another round of talks, and again – it’s not only money, but emotions that are involved. El Al is in negotiations with Boeing and Airbus to purchase aircraft that will mainly replace its aging Boeing 767s. This round is based on technical and financial details, but in the background, Boeing wants not only to win […]

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EL AL, Boeing and Airbus – symbols and emotions

Sometimes, selecting aircraft for an airline can become symbolic. When such a thing happens, the apparently normal competition turns into something clad in heavy emotion – with all the side effects.This is what happened some 15 years ago, when Israeli airline EL AL thought of breaking the monopoly Boeing has on its fleet by going […]

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A big push for the big puller

Bankers Capital Transportation Leasing Group plans to purchase dozens of narrowbody (NB) and widebody TaxiBot aircraft towing systems from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), to be operated in North America. A letter of intent regarding the $97 million deal was signed a few days ago.This was a sign of recognition – and the moment the developers […]

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