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Israel will act if Syria falls, warns air force commander

The quickly deteriorating situation in Syria yesterday brought an explicit warning. Israeli air force commander Maj Gen Amir Eshel said that if the Syrian regime were to suddenly collapse, Israel would be forced to undertake a massive attack “within hours”. He said missions would include the destruction of vast stores of conventional and non-conventional weapons […]

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Iran’s nuclear programme and Israel’s options

Israel has invested a huge – and I mean very, very huge – sum of money in preparing itself for the minute the cabinet will decide that nothing that else will stop the Iranian military nuclear programme, and that only force – brutal force – will do it.Much of that sum went to the Israeli […]

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Symbols and the Israeli air force

Is Israel preparing an attack on the nuclear facilities of Iran, where it is feared the country’s first nuclear bomb is being developed?The issue became the centre of hectic high-level talks between the US and Israel, with some US media reporting that an attack will be carried out before summer. Guesses can make for good […]

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