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GATR is a special weapon that can be exported

Special forces need special weapons. Israeli companies have developed many such weapons that, in most cases, are kept out of any export list. They have been developed for Israel’s needs only. But this effort sometimes produces systems that can be exported. In recent years Elbit Systems, one of Israel’s major defence contractors, has been co-operating […]

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Limited wars, limited damage, big potential market

Low-intensity wars, asymmetric wars, urban wars. You can attach a name of your choice, but they all pose a major problem – how to kill the enemy but avoid collateral damage, in this case killing innocent people.   Israeli companies have understood that these weapons will be in great demand as limited wars have been […]

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Sensors and shooters – the full range

Elbit Systems is conceived as a leading manufacturer of avionic systems and unmanned air systems (UAS) as its two leading lines.   But the Israeli company, with its vast international cooperation network, is also an advanced developer and manufacturer of very advanced precision weapon systems.   The growing need for such systems in today’s war […]

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