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Humans out of the loop – again

This is the perfect example of combining an operational requirement and technology. The Israeli air force (IAF) is a major operator of unmanned air systems (UAS). Until recently there was a “man in the loop” – mainly in the shape of an external pilot, in charge of the take-off and landing of some of the […]

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The “spiral” upgrade of UAS

What happened with fixed-wing combat aircraft and rotorcraft has started to happen with unmanned air systems (UAS).The upgrading of UAS is on – and we will see more and more such programmes. However, unlike with manned aircraft – which are not upgraded by the manufacturers in most cases – UAS will get an extended service […]

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ATOL – the effort continues as the demands grow

Automatic take-off and landing (ATOL) will be standard on any future unmanned aerial system (UAS), but currently manufacturers are struggling to adapt it to all the types they are developing.It’s a tricky feature, and it must work accurately in most conditions – but this is not so simple.Israeli UAS manufacturers have installed ATOL on some […]

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Detect, identify and kill – full autonomy to UAS – the trend is clear

They get more autonomy, they get more endurance, they will get artificial intelligence.   The unmanned air systems (UAS) made by Israeli companies will become more independent to achieve one main goal – to dramatically shorten the sensor-to-shooter time.   These operational capabilities  are connected directly to the new buzzword of armed forces – Terrain […]

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