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Boeing fee dispute with Bedek Aviation Group finally settled

This was a long war and last week a “peace agreement” finally ended it. The peace negotiations were slow but by the standards of never ending peace talks in the Middle East, that was quite an achievement. The “Boeing fee” dispute between the aircraft manufacturer and the Bedek group of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has […]

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Customers want a ‘full package’

Customers these days are “spoiled” – they want full packages that make the most of that expensive platform they purchased, in spite of budget constraints.So, to satisfy customers, the Bedek aviation division of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is offering such full packages. The latest to be revealed is an advanced integrated simulator training concepts and […]

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The conversion market – forecasts and preparations

How will the introduction into service of the Boeing 787 affect the conversion market?   While many question marks still remain, related to the world economic situation, preparations are being made.   The Bedek Group of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is a leading conversion centre, and as such the “next big thing” should be clear […]

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The Bedek conversion business – the next bonanza on the horizon

The Boeing 767 will fill the gap until the big “boom”, the 777. This is the latest forecast from the Bedek group at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).   The Bedek group has completed a feasibility study on the conversion of the Boeing 777 and, based on the results, decided that this is the next conversion […]

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Conversion sites – the solution for an unstable market

This is the most natural development, and it is going to fully exploit the circumstances in the market. It’s based on a very comprehensive survey of all market aspects, and in fact is going to change its basic features.The idea, in a nutshell, is this – joint ventures between owners of “older” passenger aircraft and […]

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Multipurpose aircraft – an aerial tanker but not only

What do you do when you need something but cannot afford it? This is the dilemma that many air forces face when it comes to aerial refuelling aircraft. The basic price and low utilisation make the acquisition of a dedicated aircraft unattractive. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has been trying to come up with a solution […]

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