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Simulators keep pace with platform innovation

As combat platforms are constantly updated, training tools must also be changed accordingly – and with the Israeli air force (IAF) upgrading its fleet all the time, this parallel process is inevitable. With the arrival of new platforms, the IAF’s main training and operational planning tools – its simulators – are being upgraded. While a […]

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Israeli air force helicopters perform medical evacuation missions under fire

Israeli air force combat aircraft have so far performed hundreds of missions over Gaza as part of the general effort to stop rockets being launched into Israel. The air strikes also aim to suppress ground fire aimed at the Israeli Defense Forces ground units that entered Gaza when the aerial campaign also became a ground […]

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Time to think out of the box

When the defence budget is strained to its limits and beyond, only thinking out of the box may help.   This happens now in Israel, where operational needs are increasing by the month, and the budget does not match the pace of new requirements.   In recent months the ministry of defence has begun looking […]

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Monitoring extensively operated aerial platforms

The Israeli air force (IAF) operates combat missions almost every day. Add to that extensive training for many potential scenarios, and you get a much “stretched” inventory.This situation calls for close monitoring of fatigue in IAF fixed-wing and rotary platforms.Special teams are developing methods to improve fatigue monitoring – and when one is proven it is […]

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Back from the junk yard – no alternative for the CH-53

      The importance of the CH-53 (Yasur) helicopter to the Israeli Air Force (IAF) is exceptional.   There is no replacement for the heavy helicopter and the best proof of this is the many upgrade programmes it is undergoing in an effort to prolong its full-of-action service life.   There is always exceptional […]

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Chinook downing may accelerate adoption of new measures

The shooting down of a US Chinook helicopter last Saturday in Afghanistan that killed 38 soldiers – 30 Americans and eight Afghans - will accelerate the efforts to equip helicopters with active systems that can protect them from rockets. This is the assessment of sources in Israel. As reported in Flight, Rafael plans to adapt its […]

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