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Small town folk gunning for UAS is far from only threat

The growing number of all types of unmanned air systems (UAS) operated around the world has made them a target for any type of weapon that can hit them at altitude.   The danger is not posed by the citizens of the small Colorado town of Deer Trail, which is seeking to pass a local […]

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Making UAS more survivable

Two factors – the growing use of unmanned air systems (UAS) and the increased efficiency of the sensors designed to detect and shoot them down – are forcing manufacturers to make them more survivable.Defensive systems that have until recently been used to protect manned air platforms are found on more and more UAS these days.For […]

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Checkmate – the ECM war

This has become a war of the mind.A threat is exposed and someone wants to counter it – this principle is not new. What is new is the pace. This war has become a rollercoaster – and this speed results in very advanced defence systems.Israel has succeeded in persuading Moscow not to sell the S-300 […]

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