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Israeli aerial sensors to oversee Brazil’s maritime resources

There are many reasons behind the recent co-operation agreements between Brazilian and Israeli companies, but one stands out very clearly: Brazil wants to use Israeli-developed defence systems to achieve two particular goals. Firstly, Brazil hopes to improve the capabilities of its local companies, but secondly, and even more importantly, it plans to use these combat-proven […]

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Speed is critical in maritime patrol – UAS vs manned platforms

Maritime patrol aircraft have gained greater importance in recent years, countering terror threats from the sea, protecting the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) and watching over offshore natural resources. Unmanned air systems look to be the perfect solution. Long hours of “ironing”  huge spans of ocean is a tedious job for pilots and other crew members […]

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The EEZ bonanza

It has become a very frequent phenomenon – a country declares that natural resources such as gas or oil have been discovered in its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Almost immediately neighbouring countries or other parties claim that they own some of these resources. The loose interpretation of EEZs has created a growing market for protecting […]

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Protecting offshore natural resources – local and international business

The Israeli aerospace and defence industries have identified a growing market – protecting a country’s offshore gas and oil fields.Elbit Systems has established special facilities for the development of systems to defend such natural resources from terror attacks.Flight visited the laboratory built at the company’s Haifa base.The lab is equipped with computers and large screens […]

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