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Small but meaningful success in an uphill marketing effort

Marketing the Israeli-developed protection system against man-portable missiles (MANPADS) has been an uphill struggle. For this reason, the contract recently signed between Israel’s Elbit Systems and Germany’s Diehl BGT Defence is a big success. Now, for the first time, the system will be installed as standard on military transports – one of the easiest targets for […]

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Rescue efforts begin for UAS exports to Poland

This is a fiasco. The Israeli ministry of defence is trying to find a way to allow Israeli companies to supply at least part of expected Polish requirements for unmanned air systems. Earlier this year the MoD withdrew export permits to Poland held by two major Israeli UAS manufacturers – Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and […]

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Four countries and the missing piece in the puzzle

Some Israelis smiled two days ago when Israeli television reported that Russian unmanned air systems (UAS) were flying over Syria supporting the regime with real time intelligence about rebels units. Asked what made them smile, they smiled even wider, but did not answer. I can only guess, of course, but this puzzle is very interesting.  […]

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