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Protecting that big, sensor-laden UAS

Unmanned air systems are being equipped with features that put them on the same level as manned platforms – and Israel, with its considerable UAS industry, is leading the way. The Paris Air Show, which opens today, offers a glimpse of the trend – within the limits of the security apparatus guarding Israel’s secrets projects. […]

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One-pass rescue – the thin line between life and death

A downed pilot. The enemy is searching for him before rescue can get to the area. The difference between life or death – or between torture and getting back home within hours – depends on the swift locating of the hiding pilot, in what is in many cases “complicated” terrain.Israel, unfortunately, has vast experience with […]

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Elisra at forefront of technology to locate downed pilots

A personal pilot locator radio is the only lifeline for a pilot forced to bail-out over enemy territory.Therefore, this lifeline must be reliable, easy to use under the harshest conditions and not give away the pilot’s position to the enemy before they can be rescued.The combination of operational experience and advanced technology made the Elisra […]

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