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Payload manufacturers want to ride the UAS tide

This is a trend shared by all Israeli aerospace and defence industries… Take a full-size payload, originally developed for a full-size aircraft, and make it suitable for installation in or on the smaller fuselage of unmanned air systems.The appetite of UAS users has become enormous. “We like the unmanned system but please put as many […]

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The passive sentry – not just a gap filler

Passive detection systems are gaining popularity in areas where the active ones are easy prey to even a not so advanced aerial force. They are being referred to as “gap fillers” but this definition may not be one that really describes them. The passive detection systems, in many shapes and definitions, are about to get […]

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Shoulder launched missiles…the threat , the solution, the politicians

Despite the great and immediate threat, no Israeli passenger aircraft is equipped with countermeasures against shoulder launched missiles. In recent days there has been another attempt to implement government decisions and to change this absurd situation. In November 2002, terrorists tried to bring down the Arkia plane that took off from Mombasa’s airport in Kenya. […]

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