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Aerostats, ETOPS and staring matches

Staring steadily with very sharp eyes at one area has become an operational need for many countries. This stems from the need to block long sections of border from all types of infiltration – and the need to detect low flying platforms like unmanned air vehicles, and even cruise missiles.The use of aerostats carrying electro […]

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Hovering aerial vehicles: the competition is on

Sustained surveillance, continuous observation. The name is irrelevant. The need is great, sometimes crucial. The need for a military force to have eyes on the skies to detect any threats.The hovering platform market in Israel is beginning to stir as the leading companies are being challenged by small ones with new, advanced technology.Sky Sapience has […]

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Hovering air vehicles in, aerostats out

      A change of generations? A leap forward in technology? The definitions can be different, but one thing is sure – hovering platforms are taking over the missions of aerostats.   Hovering air vehicles (HAV) are becoming more efficient and there is a very clear operational trend to use them instead of good […]

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To dominate from the air – is that possible?

This is one dilemma that armed forces around the world have faced since modern warfare has been recorded and investigated.This dilemma can be summed in one simple sentence: can air power achieve a continuous dominance of a defined territory?Israel Aerospace Industries claims that with the right systems, the answer to that question is positive, and […]

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New tools, new role – the industry tries to redefine

 Can air power achieve a continuous dominance of a defined territory? Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), claims that with the right systems the answer to that question is positive and it also offers the tools. The current doctrine used by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is that a ground force has to keep a continuous presence […]

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