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Israel-EU air agreement faces moment of truth

Ratification of the air agreement between the EU and Israel turned into a power struggle between the Israeli cabinet and workers unions. The largest workers union in the country is gathering representatives of the unions of all three Israeli airlines to stop the agreement. The agreement was initially signed last year, but its ratification was […]

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Airlines prepare for arrival of open skies agreement

The postponed air agreement between Israel and the EU will again be put on the table after the new Israeli government is formed. In the meantime, Israeli airlines, especially the smaller ones, are taking steps to be better ready for the open skies reality that the agreement will create. One example is Israir. This small […]

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The general elections and the air agreement with the EU

The most elastic substance in the universe is a politician – and the general elections in Israel next week may prove that once again. After aborting the plan to sign an aviation agreement with Europe last December, the ceremony may be again on the agenda. What last month suddenly became out of the question may again […]

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Israeli airlines – trying to change reality

What else must happen to change the absurd‫ ‬structure of the Israeli airline sector?If someone in the three Israeli airlines expected a miracle, reality hit hard earlier this week when Israel and the EU signed an initial comprehensive aviation agreement.The agreement will soon be ratified by the Israeli government and the EU parliament.The agreement will […]

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El Al, the moment of truth is closing in

The moment of truth is approaching the headquarters of El Al at Ben-Gurion international airport, at the speed of a 747.   When on Wednesday the Israeli airline announced that it lost $49.4 million in 2011, no-one in the industry was surprised.   The loss is very painful for an airline that in 2010 reported […]

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