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The tools to detect, identify and destroy hostile UAS are needed now

The Israeli air force (IAF) has been taking steps to deal with unmanned air systems (UAS) used by hostile forces, since Hezbollah in Lebanon launched two of them into Israel in 2004 and 2006.However, the incursion of an Iranian-made UAS launched from Lebanon on October 6 tipped the scale in one very decisive blow.The UAS […]

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The prospects and hurdles of a new fighter aircraft upgrade surge

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) expects a surge in demand for upgrades of old fighter aircraft and helicopters in coming years.The company believes that after a relatively slow period in the upgrade business, the market is going to become a “meaningful” part of its international portfolio.Industry experts said the assessment is that demand will largely come […]

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American made F-16s to Iran (via Iraq)

The Middle East is changing, and many Israelis in the defence establishment claim with growing rigour that Washington does not understand what is going on.One recent example is the proposed sale of Lockheed Martin F-16s to the Iraqi air force – the White House is about to approve the sale of a second batch of […]

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Extra fuel on weapon stations

An Israeli company has developed a concept that it claims will allow fighter aircraft to carry additional fuel tanks on their weapon stations.The FAR Technologies concept is based on utilizing military aircraft weapon stations (on the F-16: stations 3 and 7), and adapting them to carry fuel tanks.Through this the aircraft’s mission envelope is extended, […]

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Small diameter bombs gain status

Most of the bombs carried by Israeli airforce (IAF) fighters are getting either bigger or smaller. This trend is a result of the variety of missions the IAF is called to perform. After equipping its F-15Is with small diameter bombs (SDB) the IAF is considering their use also on its F-16s. The IAF’s F-15Is that […]

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