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The FAA ban on flights to Israel – reality beats instincts

There are many indications that the 36h ban on flights to Israel was imposed by the US Federal Aviation Administration as an instinctive reaction more than one based on facts. The ban was lifted this morning without a change in the basic facts – the fighting in Gaza continues and  Hamas still has a large […]

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Category one restored after four years

It took too much time and caused too much damage, but Israel cannot blame anyone for this – this was “earned” with long years of negligence and ignorance.Late last week the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) restored the category one safety standard for Israel after four years.In January 2009 the FAA downgraded Israel’s safety category […]

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Embarrassment of safety category two lingers

Four years after Israel was downgraded to safety category two no-one knows when this embarrassing situation will end. Israel, a country with a high-tech industry, was brought to this situation because of years of negligence by law makers. The Israeli aviation law from 1927 was replaced by a new one but the regulations that will make it […]

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FOD solution approved – but will the market respond?

The FAA has recently published its final performance assessment report on the FODetect system. The report follows an interim performance assessment.Results show that the hybrid sensor solution, consisting of integrated radar and electro-optical sensors, meets or exceeds the highest level of performance in every parameter required by FAA regulation.This did not surprise the developers and […]

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El Al 777 landing gear failure – the investigation continues

The investigation of the cause of the El Al 777 emergency landing in May enters its final phase. Experts from the FAA, NTSB and Boeing, including metallurgic engineers, are expected this week at the MRO centre in Singapore that overhauled the landing gear that failed. “We hope that after this phase of the investigation, we […]

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