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Four countries and the missing piece in the puzzle

Some Israelis smiled two days ago when Israeli television reported that Russian unmanned air systems (UAS) were flying over Syria supporting the regime with real time intelligence about rebels units. Asked what made them smile, they smiled even wider, but did not answer. I can only guess, of course, but this puzzle is very interesting.  […]

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Stupidity, the leak and the damage

I think many documents uncovered by WikiLeaks merely reflect intentions and thoughts, rather than real things. But even if that applies to a recent leak concerning Israel, it is the most stupid one related to the export of Israeli-made military hardware.The leak is not stupid; the stupidity relates to the person who thought about it/dreamt […]

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Israeli-made UAS, Georgia, Russia and a British court

Take Israeli-made unmanned air systems (UAS) that are supplied to Georgia, a country that soon finds itself at war with Russia.   Add the fact that Russian fighter jets shot down some of them. Add the fact that following this, Moscow bought UAS from Israel, and on top of all that the fact that Georgia […]

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