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UAVs crucial in supressing rocket fire from Gaza

In recent days, Israeli air force unmanned air vehicles have proven that they have a critical role to play in defending Israel. Since the launching of rockets from Gaza into Israel has intensified, aircraft from the  air force’s First UAV Squadron, operating from Palmachim air base in the centre of the country, have flown around […]

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The dirty war between Israeli UAS manufacturers

As if there was a need for further proof that the “UAS wars” between  Israeli manufacturers have long crossed the line, another example surfaced in recent weeks. This dirty war has been going on for years, with the ministry of defence helpless to stop it. The recent incident involves a tender made by the Polish […]

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Evolution becomes revolution

In evolution there is a point where things change that have been obvious for many years. Until that moment evolution is a process running parallel to that it will eventually change.This seems to be a nice theory – especially when the issue is a technological evolution. However, when evolution at one time is actually a […]

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The “spiral” upgrade of UAS

What happened with fixed-wing combat aircraft and rotorcraft has started to happen with unmanned air systems (UAS).The upgrading of UAS is on – and we will see more and more such programmes. However, unlike with manned aircraft – which are not upgraded by the manufacturers in most cases – UAS will get an extended service […]

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Unmanned air systems in rescue missions for downed pilots

Another mission was recently added to the long list already performed by Israel Air Force (IAF) unmanned air systems (UAS).The first UAS squadron of the IAF is training to support the 669 search and rescue unit in locating a downed pilot.The mission is performed by the squadron’s Heron 1 UAS, which has a long endurance […]

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Protecting offshore natural resources – local and international business

The Israeli aerospace and defence industries have identified a growing market – protecting a country’s offshore gas and oil fields.Elbit Systems has established special facilities for the development of systems to defend such natural resources from terror attacks.Flight visited the laboratory built at the company’s Haifa base.The lab is equipped with computers and large screens […]

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Close and far air support for the Israeli navy

The operational cooperation between the Israel navy and air force is tightening. New threats in the Mediterranean, and far away, have created the need for daily joint operations.   In long-range operations such as intercepting ships that tried to smuggle weapons to the Gaza Strip, the air force has been very active in detecting the […]

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Homeland security budgets – available money for UAS

When national defence budgets are consumed to the last dollar or whatever currency they consist of, their “cousins” in homeland security are still alive and kicking.   This trend is gathering momentum in many countries and the manufacturers of “dual use” systems, ones that can be used by a military unit or by a police […]

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Robots versus humans – a showdown?

The F-35 is the last manned fighter aircraft. Unmanned air systems (UAS) will take over all the missions currently performed by manned platforms.   These assertions are frequently heard from people that are supposed to know. But if you look at what happens in “the field”, things look different.   In Israel, a world power […]

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Unmanned systems at the front of homeland security

The homeland security conference in Israel on September 11 has attracted a lot of attention – not only because it is on a very meaningful date. The attention is not only because of Israel’s need for homeland security, but also for the solutions that have been developed. The conference, organised by the Israeli Technologies Group, […]

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