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The “phantoms” strike again

The “phantoms in the skies” struck again last week, at least twice. Air defence systems in Syria and Lebanon did not detect any approaching threat, but unidentified aircraft entered the nation’ airspace and destroyed storage sites for long-range rockets and missiles. As in the past, no-one claims responsibility – but according to Al Jazeera, Israeli […]

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Another “phantom” attack In Syria

Yesterday another “phantom” attack took place. Syrian and Lebanese sources say an Israeli helicopter fired two missiles into the Syrian Golan Heights. Syria has kept quiet, and so does Israel. The sources of these reports are always in Arab countries, and they have one thing in common: they all deal with air raids allegedly performed […]

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Very real threats and (another) night ghost attack

A dark night in the Syria-Lebanon border zone. Big flashes of fire, then silence again. Sounds of jet engines can be heard from the distance. A few minutes pass and then silence is restored. Another ghost attack in this area, and another set of speculations that Israel will not comment on. According to the foreign […]

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Unidentified fighter aircraft – the “shadow war” in the Middle East

Yesterday a newspaper in Kuwait reported that the Israeli airforce (IAF) had carried out a strike on a shipment of long-range missiles that were on their way from Syria to Hezbollah, the terror organization based in Lebanon. If this report is verified, and if other reports of Israeli strikes in Syria and Lebanon are confirmed, […]

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The tools to detect, identify and destroy hostile UAS are needed now

The Israeli air force (IAF) has been taking steps to deal with unmanned air systems (UAS) used by hostile forces, since Hezbollah in Lebanon launched two of them into Israel in 2004 and 2006.However, the incursion of an Iranian-made UAS launched from Lebanon on October 6 tipped the scale in one very decisive blow.The UAS […]

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Dividing the work between air force and rockets

Precise rockets will take the place of the Israeli air force (IAF) in close-support fire missions – and when the need is to destroy a target amid a heavily populated area.The decision has been made, and now the budget will determine deployment.The changing nature of war – from vast operations in large areas to “focused” […]

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