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Jerusalem silent amid reports of air strike on Syrian naval base

The mysterious attacks on Syrian targets continue and many fingers are being pointed at Israel. Jerusalem is silent.  These precise attacks have all the ingredients of something from a new James Bond movie. Unmarked ships unload the weapon systems, real-time intelligence is acquired and the bombs and missiles destroy the warehouses. Israeli warplanes conducted the […]

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Israel draws a line in the sand

The situation in Syria is very unstable because of the civil war.  Israel has not interfered, but it has drawn two lines that must not be crossed: attempts to use the chaos to transfer chemical warfare agents from Syria into “non governmental” hands, or to move weapon systems to the Hezbollah terror organisation in Lebanon. […]

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UAS end-user agreements under scrutiny

The Israeli ministry of defence has become concerned about unmanned air vehicle export permits. Whether UAS are becoming a weapon of choice for terror organisations was discussed here a few weeks ago. It was a natural result of the efforts by Hezbollah to penetrate Israeli airspace with a drone. The UAS flew over the Mediterranean […]

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