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Improving the “image” of aviation security

Advanced image processing techniques enable smart weapons to find their target with very high precision. Now these techniques are improving airport security around the world.Advanced image processing developed in Israel by HTS helps to increase security in airports.  The company’s image processing system is incorporated in the security system that protects Ben Gurion airport in […]

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Broken code – the failure of a state air security initiative

The state of Israel surrendered to an opposition led by pilots organisations that was against the Code Positive system designed to let its security authorities know when an aircraft heading towards Ben Gurion airport was controlled by terrorists.The surrender raises a big question about the power of a country to implement measures that are not […]

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The open war between Giovanni Bisignani, IATA’s director general, and Giora Rom, director general of the Israeli civil aviation authority (CAA), has reached a new peak. The outcome: the relations between the two bodies are non-existent and the Israeli side is not ready to lower the flames. Rom repeats his criticism on Bisignani and he […]

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