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Coming soon: the Islamic State air force, courtesy of the USA

If in the near future the Islamic State terror organisation deploys some air power on top of assault rifles, machine guns and big knives, the aircraft will carry stickers saying “courtesy of the USA”. Sounds crazy? Not when Washington does not begin to understand what really goes on in the Middle East. Israeli sources say […]

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Islamic State air power? Not yet – but a reason to worry

While the US-led coalition against the Islamic State is generating more PR than real damage to units trying to capture Iraq and Syria, the danger does not stop at the borders of these two countries. The Islamic State has been trying to acquire some kind of air power, and in the current situation it will […]

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American made F-16s to Iran (via Iraq)

The Middle East is changing, and many Israelis in the defence establishment claim with growing rigour that Washington does not understand what is going on.One recent example is the proposed sale of Lockheed Martin F-16s to the Iraqi air force – the White House is about to approve the sale of a second batch of […]

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