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Hit the fire on its head

Firefighting aircraft will be more capable of performing accurate “water bombing” with the help of very advanced Israeli developed electro optical payloads. It’s nice to know that this advanced and ripe technology can be used for such a purpose in addition to its other uses, mainly as a locator of targets for sophisticated weapon systems. […]

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Unmanned air systems: the inevitable slow process

Visiting Israeli manufacturers of unmanned air systems (UAS) leaves no doubt that one of their main efforts is to comply with the standards that are being built gradually, to allow the full integration of their products into a civil airspace already crowded with manned aircraft. This is not a simple task as the regulators themselves […]

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Split the birds, save the aircraft

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has developed an innovative structural concept for protecting aircraft from damage due to bird impact. The “Bird Splitter” structure is located on the aircraft’s tail and designed to “split” an incoming bird and thereby protect aircraft structure and crucial systems. This concept was implemented on the new IAI-manufactured Gulfstream G250 business […]

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