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Hermes-900 UAS payload variety is the key

I’m not sure the image released by Elbit Systems shows the payload configuration of the Israeli air force’s (IAF) Hermes-900 unmanned air system (UAS), but it may be an indication of an advanced payload design of an unknown customer.The Hermes-900 was selected by the IAF in spite of the fact that it already operates the […]

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The dilemma is clear – the solution will stay ‘in the air’

The outcome is almost certain – Israel will purchase more F-35s in addition to the 20 that are included in the contract signed last year.The purchase of the additional stealth fighters is a main issue in the deliberations that take place in recent weeks in the general staff of the Israeli defence forces.The outcome does […]

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Future procurement – where to put the money?

Israeli defence forces are trying to define the contents of the new five-year procurement plan and the Israeli air force (IAF) will no doubt get the larger slice of the cake many want a piece of.One of the issues the generals face is an IAF request for another 20 Lockheed Martin F-3s.The dilemma is not […]

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Israeli Air Force plans at heart of changing landscape

Work on the next acquisition plan for the Israeli Defence Force (IDF)  will start next week, with one of the main issues being the structure of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) during the next 10 to 15 years.As procurement plans have a long maturity time, the IDF general staff will have to make some important […]

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