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Enabling the air force to operate under cyber attack

Israel has been under constant cyber attack from a number of hostile countries. Specific details related to attacks on the Israeli defence forces – including the air force – are classified, but are in “huge numbers”.The Israeli defence forces (IDF) take these attacks very seriously. “We consider these threats as severe as rockets and bombs,” […]

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The unmanned world on display – the future begins now

It was only a matter of time until such a conference was held in Israel.   With 40 years of operational use of unmanned air vehicles, it is only natural that the AUVSI Israel Chapter will host the 2012 AUVSI International Conference in Tel Aviv.   The three-day conference will begin on 20 March and deal with the […]

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To dominate from the air – is that possible?

This is one dilemma that armed forces around the world have faced since modern warfare has been recorded and investigated.This dilemma can be summed in one simple sentence: can air power achieve a continuous dominance of a defined territory?Israel Aerospace Industries claims that with the right systems, the answer to that question is positive, and […]

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