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Government needs to implement IMI and Rafael merger plan

The Israeli government is the sole shareholder of the country’s biggest aerospace and defence industries. This fact is not reflected in the attitude of the respective ministers to the companies which feel deserted. “We are orphans,” a source in one of the companies said on 14 July.The consolidation process that changed the face of the […]

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Virtual armour, helicopter style

   To say, it will not be an easy task in an understatement, but they will try because the threat is becoming more imminent. The talk about it at this point is in low profile, as if not to create expectations but something is going on. I can say with a great degree of confidence […]

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Air launched decoys: the need is growing

The demand for air launched decoys is increasing and the latest generations fulfill the new demands. Israel has been using air launched decoys for years and their extensive use has eliminated any doubt: efficient decoys are a key to mission success without casualties. Decoys have gone a long way and Israel Military Industries (IMI) has […]

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