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South Korea and Israel – ties warm up after “freeze”

The defence ties between Israel and South Korea have been considered “history” after KAI lost the contract to supply its T-50 advanced trainer to the Israeli air force (IAF).The South Koreans were disappointed and angry at what they called “not a fair game”, that led to the selection of the Aermacchi M-346.However, recently the South […]

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Money, prestige and emotions – Italy against South Korea

The secret war behind the competition aimed at selecting an advanced trainer for the Israeli air force (IAF), reached a new peak last week, when officials of KAI, which manufactures the T-50 competing against the Aermacchi M-346, accused the Israeli ministry of of defence (MoD) of closing a deal before the request for proposals (RFP) […]

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The Savile Row of avionics

Sensors and systems determine the main role of the platform. While there is no big difference  between, for example, a utility helicopter and one armed for maritime missions, the content of the cockpit dashboard and systems bays are the key factors.Israeli aerospace and defence companies realised this some years ago, and are now offering versions […]

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