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Dividing the work between air force and rockets

Precise rockets will take the place of the Israeli air force (IAF) in close-support fire missions – and when the need is to destroy a target amid a heavily populated area.The decision has been made, and now the budget will determine deployment.The changing nature of war – from vast operations in large areas to “focused” […]

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Sensors over Syria – the hunt for chemical weapons

Traffic congestion over Syria. This is the only way to describe the situation involved in monitoring the fast-developing situation in Syria, and who is in control of the country’s stockpile of chemical weapons.   US, Israeli and other sensors, of all types, are looking into Syria and focusing on the areas where, according to intelligence […]

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Israeli UAS – the facts and the fiction

Unmanned air systems (UAS) are the subject of many stories, most of which cannot be verified. This is especially true in the Middle East, where Israeli-made UAS are operated every day in many types of combat scenario.For years, the Palestinians in Gaza have been claiming the Israeli airforce’s (IAF) UAS have been attacking members of […]

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The changing pattern of enemies and allies – new markets

The world is changing very fast. Old enemies become allies. Past potential enemies become “partners in interests”.   The fast tracks of international relations cross the traditional separation lines between countries.   The Israeli defence ministry has given the green light to the country’s defence and aerospace industries to sell their products to Indonesia, the […]

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Middle East skies – the tension is in the air

The skies in the Middle East are changing, in parallel with the dramatic developments in some countries in the region. Changes in Egypt, Syria and Libya, and the fragile stability in Lebanon, have completely changed the situation in the airspaces that neighbour Israel. This has been amplified by the high tension between Israel and Turkey, […]

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