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The only substitute for the C-130 is a C-130, until the budget allows

When the Douglas DC-3 was still in the Israeli air force’s (IAF) service some 15 years ago, all the squadrons had big slogans in every hangar saying: “The only substitute for the DC-3 is a DC-3.”The DC-3 is resting from a long service in the IAF’s museum, but the force, so it seems, has another […]

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The war behind the war – interceptor vs laser

Even after the impressive success of the Rafael Iron Dome rocket interceptor, there are still some people in Israel – in the defence establishment and outside it – that dream about a laser-based defence system against rockets. This has been a real war between two totally opposed approaches – one that said that only a […]

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The C-130J and the Israeli long arm

Production of the first Lockheed Martin C-130J for the Israeli air force (IAF) began recently in a short ceremony in Atlanta.   The first C-130J “Samson” will be delivered in 2014. IAF crews recently visited a US Air Force C-130J squadron to hear about the operation of the advanced aircraft.   The IAF dubs all […]

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Another small step to correct a big mistake

Determination is sometimes a partial compensation for stupidity – and this has been proved again with the Israeli F-35.A short reminder – because of basic stupidity, the Israeli ministry of defence did not join the F-35 programme as full partner. After dragging its feet, Israel was accepted with the lowest possible status.This, when for Israel […]

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Air power distribution as the situation changes

Before the “Arab Spring” was even conceived, the Israeli air force (IAF) decided to make its Nevatim facility in southern Israel a major base for combat and transport squadrons.The Lockheed Martin F-35s the IAF plans to receive in 2017 will be based at Nevatim. This base will also receive the Lockheed Martin C-130Js that have […]

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Israeli F-35s – delivery timetable and the dilemma

At this moment they are “corridor talks” but they may change their nature if the situation of the US F-35 programme does not take a different angle soon, one that will restore the confidence in the projected timetable. Each piece of information about more possible delays in the delivery dates of the Lockheed Martin stealth fighter […]

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