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Taxi, taxi

In the future, Taxibots will roam by themselves on the aprons of airports, towing aircraft from terminals to runways. Currently, Taxibots are still manually operated by the aircraft’s pilot. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the developer of the Taxibot, has recently reached an important milestone when the system achieved a speed of 23kt (43km/h) during taxiing […]

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The decision that ignited a passenger “riot”

Airlines sometimes make decisions that generate unpredicted reactions among their passengers.Such a decision was taken last week by Lufthansa in Israel, and immediately ignited a “riot” of the German airline’s passengers in the country – and disappointment among the many others.Lufthansa announced that starting in October its 21 flights from Ben Gurion airport to Germany […]

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A big push for the big puller

Bankers Capital Transportation Leasing Group plans to purchase dozens of narrowbody (NB) and widebody TaxiBot aircraft towing systems from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), to be operated in North America. A letter of intent regarding the $97 million deal was signed a few days ago.This was a sign of recognition – and the moment the developers […]

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