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A shield in the sky

A few days ago, the operational Commercial Multispectral Infrared Countermeasure (C-MUSIC)  ”Sky Shield” was installed on an Israeli passenger aircraft. It took too long while the threat became more and more imminent, but after a long process that was slowed by almost every bureaucratic hurdle in the book, it is finally happening. Following a successful […]

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The threat, the solution – and the dilemma

The moment of truth is approaching at the cruising speed of an airliner – will airlines around the world equip their fleets with systems capable of defeating shoulder-launched missiles?When these systems were mere ideas in the heads of some engineers, this question was very not relevant. But now such a system has reached a point […]

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Protection against shoulder-launched missiles, mandatory?

How realistic is it that passenger aircraft might be equipped with protection systems against the threat of shoulder-launched missiles?I think that unless regulatory bodies decide these systems are mandatory, they will not be fitted. To mount these systems on an aircraft would mean less passengers in the cabin, which would not please the airlines. Only […]

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