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A double-headed problem – micro UAS by mail order

The fact that one can order a micro unmanned air system (UAS) with fixed wings or in the shape of a quadcopter is a problem both for the Israeli air force and the Israeli manufacturers of such systems. While the air force has to find ways to protect Israeli airspace from micro and mini UAS […]

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A small, low and slow threat that is growing fast

In a recent meeting in Brussels experts from NATO member states and others for the first time defined the evolving threat posed by all types of mini and micro unmanned air systems (UAS). It took some time before the experts came to the initial conclusion that airborne threats have changed dramatically. A terrorist organisation can […]

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Good things in small packages

Good things come in small packages. The demand for micro and mini unmanned air systems (UAS) is reaching a new peak.   The impression is that some armies, such as the Indian one, intend to deploy thousands of those portable “personal” UAS almost like soldiers’ assault rifles.   This trend required an adaptation of the […]

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