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Air power distribution as the situation changes

Before the “Arab Spring” was even conceived, the Israeli air force (IAF) decided to make its Nevatim facility in southern Israel a major base for combat and transport squadrons.The Lockheed Martin F-35s the IAF plans to receive in 2017 will be based at Nevatim. This base will also receive the Lockheed Martin C-130Js that have […]

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ELINT is not enough

Electronic or human intelligence? This question is currently being asked every day in Israeli intelligence organisations.   Is the huge investment in mostly aerial sensors justified? Are these tools really supplying the data that is needed?   In the past two or three years, the intelligence organisations in the Middle East and in the USA […]

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Robots of war: can they do the job?

This lab is open 24/7 and is conducting very complicated tests that sometimes turn in a matter of hours to real combat. The Middle East has become one of the largest “war laboratories” in the world. Wars fought in the region put to real test many innovative weapon systems like unmanned air systems (UAS) . […]

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