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MTCR is in urgent need of an update

Israel has not signed the missile technology control¬†regime (MTCR) agreement but it complies with it. But this limits the export potential of some Israeli-developed unmanned air systems (UAS). Israel will not say it officially but, like other countries, it thinks the MTCR is outdated in every aspect. But until the MTCR is adapted to the […]

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The US, UAS exports and the shockwaves

The fast-changing situation in the world affects the export of advanced weapon systems, mainly by the US. The shockwaves then begin to hit far-away countries. Old friends are no longer so close. New friends emerge from surprising places and situations. Add to this the fact that the US is wrapping up the fighting in Iraq, […]

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MTCR, unmanned platforms, limitations and market needs

Heavy, long-endurance unmanned air systems (UAS) and manned aircraft that are converted to fly without a human pilot are being cleared for export by the Israeli ministry of defence only if they comply with the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) limitations.   Until a few years ago, this was not a real problem but as […]

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