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A small, low and slow threat that is growing fast

In a recent meeting in Brussels experts from NATO member states and others for the first time defined the evolving threat posed by all types of mini and micro unmanned air systems (UAS). It took some time before the experts came to the initial conclusion that airborne threats have changed dramatically. A terrorist organisation can […]

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Turkey, NATO the USA and Israel

Turkey has set a defiant stance to prove its total independence from any obligations to NATO as a whole, and the USA in particular.Turkey is a very important member of NATO. However, since Islamists have set the tone in Ankara, things have taken a weird turn. First, the Turkish government announced it would not share […]

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The “AirMule” is unique in concept – but it still has to prove it can do the job

The operational need is urgent. The solutions are under development – but one, without any doubt, looks superior to the others.A NATO report states that Urban Aeronautics’ AirMule ducted fan unmanned craft is currently the only VTOL UAV that has been specifically designed for unmanned evacuation of wounded soldiers from combat zones.This report documents the […]

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Delicate issues of Israel’s defence exports

It is the most sensitive seismograph in the world. Any quiver in one part of this “world” affects the other, although not always in a parallel magnitude. Israel is one of the major exporters of advanced defence systems. This and the geopolitical situation in the Middle East has resulted in a highly sensitive situation. From […]

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The Israeli Air Force and NATO – be out, feel in

The fact that Israel is not a NATO member is considered abnormal by many. Until this abnormality is corrected, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) is expanding its operational cooperation with a growing number of air forces.   Some Israeli leaders are convinced that joining NATO would act as a vital deterrent against Iran. But that […]

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