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Israeli army weighs military action against pirate radio stations

It is not on the agenda for peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority that began yesterday in Washington, but it is a major problem that may have to be solved by force rather than simply by negotiations. Earlier this week, Israel said it might take military action to halt broadcasts from pirate radio […]

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A Palestinian airport – not in the near future

The peace ‬talks‪ between Israel and ‬the ‪Palestin‬ian authorities face‪ many hurdles that put a huge question mark ‬over‪ ‬this‪ chance to end the bloody conflict.‬ ‪ There are many issues on the table‬ -‪ one ‬being‪ ‬Palestine’s‪ demand to allow‬ the‪ operat‬ion of‪ an international airport from the ‬W‪est ‬B‪ank.‬ ‪ Before ‬the ‪Palestinian […]

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Middle East peace process and the Israeli shopping lists

A breakthrough in the current stalemate between Israel and the Palestinian authority may result in new defence grants from the USA to Israel. According to Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak, these extra funds may amount to $20 billion and that has already brought the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to rearrange their previous shopping, or rather wish, lists […]

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