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Terrain dominance – the operational requirement is answered

At first this was considered another trendy military buzzword. But “terrain dominance” describes an operational requirement in all types of warfare fought today. In simple words:  you constantly need to know exactly what is going on in the terrain or area that poses the biggest threat. Many companies in the world have understood this requirement and […]

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The craving for new ‘gadgets’ – the pilots’ side

The minute people bought their first digital camera or smartphone, they became exposed to the planned new generation of these two gadgets waiting around the corner.   Even if the purchased electronic devices worked perfectly, blogs have been full of information about the next versions, which will “give you a better experience”.   This trend […]

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RecceLite at forefront of fight against modern geurrilla warfare

In recent times, wars have featured good military systems, not only weapons, and proved they are essential to the most common type of battle fought these days.In most wars today, armies fight organisations that are inferior in equipment but know the combat terrain.Israel has gained vast experience in fighting guerrilla groups and its defence industries […]

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