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Israeli-made UAS, Georgia, Russia and a British court

Take Israeli-made unmanned air systems (UAS) that are supplied to Georgia, a country that soon finds itself at war with Russia.   Add the fact that Russian fighter jets shot down some of them. Add the fact that following this, Moscow bought UAS from Israel, and on top of all that the fact that Georgia […]

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Israeli-made UAS a “gap filler” for Russia

Russia’s big appetite for unmanned air systems (UAS) continues. The nation now plans to buy and assemble Israeli-made UAS and use them as a “gap filler” until they are capable of developing their own.This may seem strange, but Russia – as a superpower – has totally neglected UAS capabilities. During the war with Georgia in […]

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A joint Russian-Israeli effort on nanosatellites

Small initiatives may lead to bigger ones. Israel is a “space power” but compared with Russia it is a very small one.But the technologies developed in Israel, a country that entered the space business late compared with Russia, interest the giant.This, in a way, led to Russian-Israeli co-operation on nanosatellites. An agreement signed in late […]

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Russian-Israeli defence ties: the roller coaster

If someone needed additional proof how complicated, unpredictable and fragile are the defence ties between Russia and Israel, he got it last week big time. The arrest and deportation of the Israeli military attaché to Moscow shocked the Israeli defence establishment. Col Vadim Liderman was arrested while having lunch in a Moscow restaurant, interrogated and […]

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