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Israel’s space sensors expand

Last week Israel took another step aimed at keeping its status as a space “superpower”. The successful launch of the Ofeq-10 intelligence satellite has increased the nation’s ability to follow hostile action in many range circles and at excellent resolution. The Ofeq-10 synthetic aperture radar (SAR)¬†satellite was launched from Palmachim air base in central Israel, […]

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Platform vs sensors – decision time approaches

This is a major question, and it is becoming more acute: How important is the aerial platform compared with the systems it can carry?Platforms get very expensive, and this has put the dilemma in a new focus – is it wise to invest in platforms, or can the same results be achieved with simply adding more […]

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Unmanned air systems in rescue missions for downed pilots

Another mission was recently added to the long list already performed by Israel Air Force (IAF) unmanned air systems (UAS).The first UAS squadron of the IAF is training to support the 669 search and rescue unit in locating a downed pilot.The mission is performed by the squadron’s Heron 1 UAS, which has a long endurance […]

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