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General aviation: where stupid decisions create uncertainty

If you need further proof that governments operate in a sort of vacuum, with no connection to reality – here is another. If nothing changes in the coming month, general aviation in Israel will be grounded, and with it some flying schools and maintenance shops. Stupidity, it seems, has no limits. The process of closing […]

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2015 – the end of general aviation in Israel?

The only hope for general aviation in Israel is that many of the Israeli government’s current proposals stay on paper. If not, then in April 2015 all 200 general aviation aircraft will be grounded and a number of maintenance shops will be shut. Sounds unbelievable? The way these things are being handled by the government […]

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General aviation – the last battle

Take Israeli politicians that don’t have a clue about the issues they vote for or against, add pressure from Israeli real estate owners and you get an imminent threat to the general aviation sector. Two decisions were made – to close Sde Dov, Tel Aviv’s city airport – and Herzelia airport, some 10 miles to […]

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